Roof Trusses : Technical Information

CRT roof trusses are designed and manufactured at our plant at Inniscarra, County Cork, using the latest design technology and software from Gang- Nail® Systems. To complement the design service, our package includes working drawings and design calculations to local authority standards.


Standard trusses can be designed up to max span of 11 metres in 35mm thick timber, and 16 metres for 47mm thick timber.


It is more economical to standardize the range of pitches between 15 & 40 degrees, however, trusses may be supplied outside this range. Care should be taken when specifying because deflection problems may arise with for example very shallow pitches.


Trusses are usually spaced at either 400mm or 600mm centers, but can be positioned at other centers to suit load conditions.


CRT uses TR26 grade timber which is kiln dried and stress graded to the highest standards. This timber is in full compliance with the current building regulations.


If required Trusses may be treated with a waterborne preservative solution.

Download Technical Specifications

Click here to view Gang-Nail® Roof Truss Manual in PDF Format. (Right click on link, and press Save As.. to download)

Roof Truss Images

Roof Truss Sample
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Cork Roof Truss Design
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Cork Roof Truss Development
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