CRT Products: Glulam Laminated Wood

What is Glulam?

Glulam is the short name for Glulaminated Timber and consists of a number of timber laminations that are glued together to form a single beam. These beams are structurally graded and can be used as an integral part of any structural design. It comes in a range of sizes and has the flexibility of being easily cut to the desired length on site.

Glulam Feature Truss

Whether structural or entirely decorative, exposed feature Glulam trusses add considerably to the architectural beauty of the building. Either as the complete roof or in just a single room, the feature trusses become the focal point of any space.

Using the latest design software, coupled with our manufacturing technology, CRT produce trusses with precision joints that can be finished to suit the building design.

Glulam trusses can take many shapes, from simple pitched trusses to complicated scissors configurations. When designed as space frames, Glulam truss systems can create clear spans for auditoriums, gymnasiums, retail stores and office areas.

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Why Glulam?

Wood has well known qualities, which are also characteristic of Glulam. Added to these are the facts that it is structurally graded to a high standard and kiln dried to a moisture content of <12% combining to give it a very high stability in a range of conditions.

Glulam is  not only stronger than steel in equivelent sizes but is much lighter.

It is often featured and the natura or stainedl colour of the material can significantly add to the buildings design.. In interaction with other natural materials Glulam creates a significant visual appeal within the building producing a good living and working environment.

Where can Glulam be used?

Glulam is a versitile material, which can be used in a variety of applications and in almost all types of buildings. Its common structural applications are as support beams or portal frames. It is used for its strength as well as its versatility and is available in different sizes and in lengths up to 12.0m.

Glulam has become a well-embraced material and is used in many challenging and diverse applications including: swimming pools, churches, play grounds, bridge building, multi-story buildings as well as all types of commercial and domestic dwellings.

All CRT Glulam products are manufactured to comply with NSAI standards.

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