Ecojoists® : Technical Information

CRT's innovative Ecojoist® beams consist of parallel stress graded TR26 timber flanges  joined together with V shaped galvanised steel webs. This precision engineered structural component is lightweight, strong and versatile offering the architect, builder and/or specifier the ideal product for 21st century building techniques.

Available Sizes

Ecojoists® are available in 8 depths: 195mm, 219mm, 254mm, 304mm, 375mm and 425mm.


You can view sample Span Tables by downloading the complete Ecojoists® Technical Manual here.

Metal Work

There is a full range of metalwork that may be used within the construction of an Ecojoists® floor - Restraint Strap, Hangers and Z-Clips. Full details can be found in the Technical Manual.

Fire Resistance

All timber floors rely on a contribution from the ceiling towards the overall fire resistance of the floor structure. The required fire resistance for domestic floor structures is 30 minutes and for compartment floors is 60 minutes. Data from full scale testing and calculated assessment can be found in the Technical Document.


CRT uses TR 26 timber which is kiln dried and stress graded, which complies with current building regulations.

Irish Agreement Board Certification

Ecojoists® was awarded I.A.B. status in 2004. The I.A.B. Certificate can be downloaded here.

Ecojoists® Images

CRT Ecojoist® Design Sample
CRT Ecojoist® Design Sample

CRT Planning & Design
CRT Planning & Design

Ecojoist® Design Sample
CRT Ecojoist® Design Sample

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