CRT Products: Ecojoist® Floor Systems

An Ecojoist® is a composite timber and metal engineered joist system introduced in the USA in 1976. Since then, the popularity has increased significantly throughtout the world including with Ireland.

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The demand for Ecojoist® has increased dramatically from 2000 with small and medium house builders following the lead of commercial builders taking advantage of the substantial benefits available over solid timber and other types of engineered floor products.

  • Its open metal web system makes for simplified installation of services and a reduction or elimination of surface-run pipework.
  • The minimun 72mm wide flanges provide an excellent surface for the fixing of floor decking and plasterboard ceilings.
  • By using kiln-dried stress graded timber, shrinkage is virtually eliminated.
  • Joists are made to measure, thereby reducing site wastage.
  • Lightweight construction dramtically reduces the installation time required.
  • They can also be top chord supported which is particularly usefful in timber frame construction, as the potential for shrinkage in the floor zone is all but eliminated.
  • Evidence from builders has indicated that the maintenance/call back items normally associated with solid joist timber floors are not evident when using Ecojoist®.

CRT Products: Ecojoist® Systems for Roofs

For particular roof designs, Ecojoists® are very suitable as roof members. Typical examples are low pitch or flat roofs and also designs which incorporate vaulted or featured trusses.

Ecojoist® Roof System
Ecojoists® used for Flat Roof & Commercial Floors (Seafield Hotel, Bantry, Co.Cork)

Ecojoist® used with Flat Roof
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